Warsaw Finance Week

17-20 Nov 2024

Warsaw Finance Week was established to celebrate the financial technology sector in Warsaw and connect it globally! Warsaw Finance Week includes various events, such as the Future Finance Summit and accompanying side events. The Warsaw Finance Week will provide a platform for discussions on the growing role of the financial sector in Poland’s economic strategy and for expressing the goal of creating a modern financial center as part of the Future Finance Poland initiative.

New Generation Financial Center

For over 30 years, Poland has been developing its financial center, crucial for building 
a modern and dynamic economy. Financial institutions provide innovative and secure services to millions of customers and finance the growth of entrepreneurs.

The Polish financial center represents hundreds of thousands of jobs, cybersecurity centers, research and development hubs, and hundreds 
of innovative fintechs. From being very local, the Polish financial center
is increasingly becoming a part of the global financial network, serving customers not only along the Vistula River but around the world.

The changing geopolitical landscape compels us to set new goals that reflect Poland’s growing ambitions, including in the financial sector. The next-generation financial center 
will not only be one of the key drivers of the national economy’s development but also 
a stimulator for enhancing its competitiveness, innovation, and internationalization.

Warsaw Finance Week

vision and goals

The Warsaw Finance Week will provide an opportunity both 
for discussions about the new role of the financial sector 
in Poland’s economic agenda and for expressing the ambition 
to build a next-generation financial center as part of the Future 
Finance Poland initiative.

During the Warsaw Finance Week, key initiatives and achievements 
of the Polish financial sector will be presented.

The Warsaw Finance Week is also an opportunity for:

  • networking with domestic and international experts,
  • a forum for market participants to engage in dialogue with representatives of public institutions,
  • building partnerships,
  • and creating new value in the financial market.


The next-generation financial center in Poland represents more 
than just a vision of a premier competitive financial center, it signifies 
a transformative shift in our perception of the domestic financial sector.

This evolution stems from Poland’s changing geopolitical landscape 
and its expanding aspirations. We envision the Polish financial center 
as a catalyst for swift economic, social, and technological advancement.

During the Future Finance Summit, we will discuss a number of issues important for the development of the Polish financial center, both of 
a strategic, regulatory, technological and social nature:


International cooperation

Financial centers intensively compete with each other, however, in order to be able to develop quickly, they must cooperate with each other. Partnerships mean the flow of knowledge and experience, but also building synergy effects. That is why the Polish financial center is already in dialogue with other centers in order to strengthen the network of connections and benefits.

Capital market

The Polish capital market has been developing for over 30 years. The largest stock exchange in the region is a symbol of this. However, the potential of this sector has not been fully exploited yet. Meanwhile, new technologies such as tokenization and crypto-assets open up new opportunities that, if used, can give a new development impulse and a new opening.

Global talents in Polish center

How to attract talented employees from across the world in the era of geopolitical tensions and cross-border remote working.

Regulations and execution

Critical mission for all financial centers: high quality financial regulation and the efficiency of regulatory execution. How does the Polish regulator and supervisor address this challenge today and how their approach should be adjusted?

Green center

Geen finance is a key growth area in financial services, and financial institutions need to be able to provide services that support climate goals. 
A number of green transformation projects in Poland may encourage global companies to locate new green finance units in Poland.

AML and cyber hub

Due to the geopolitical tensions, countries are implementing a range of screening policies and financial institutions are part of this process. Similarly, in the area of cybersecurity, financial institutions create global and local centers. Poland as an AML and FinSec hub today facilitates global information and cybersecurity flow in its cyber security and AML centers driven by global financial institutions and fintechs.

AI in Finance

The Polish education system consistently produces top-notch talent in math and computer science, creating a skilled workforce ready for AI innovation. This, combined with strong cloud infrastructure and innovative financial institutions, positions Poland to become a leading center of AI technology in finance.


Payments are one of the specializations of 
the Polish financial center. How to strategically strengthen our position on the technological and business level and how to transfer the success we achieved in the country to the international level.


Future Finance Summit


The Future Finance Summit will take place in the heart of the Polish financial center, in the iconic building of the Centrum Gieldowe on Ksiazeca Street in Warsaw. This location is not only the headquarters of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and other capital market institutions but also the venue for the most important events for the financial sector and the Polish economy.

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