Advanced Work in Data & AI Specialization Subgroups

In recent weeks, under the leadership of Accenture, the Data & AI specialization has begun intensive work on various initiatives within the specialization. On May 17, 2024, a kickoff meeting for the individual projects of these initiatives was held.

After defining the scope and division of tasks, a series of actions were undertaken to create a comprehensive substantive report. This report aims to provide the best possible understanding of Poland’s position compared to other financial centers in Europe and globally and to identify key areas of action that will enhance Poland’s competitiveness and innovation.

It is also crucial to develop substantive frameworks and support dialogue with public institutions and market regulators concerning the principles of access and exchange of data processed within public registers. The dialogue must be efficient and smooth among all stakeholders involved in FFP, including financial sector companies, technology firms, educational and research institutions, public administration, and other entities (e.g., NGOs). Therefore, there is a need to develop platforms and tools to facilitate this dialogue.

The activities within these initiatives are already underway. The coming months, though during the vacation season, will be an excellent time to develop substantive materials and tools, which will start operating and take their final form later this year. We will keep you updated on further work within the Data & AI initiatives. Stay tuned!

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