The second Strategic Council of Future Finance Poland

On June 25, 2024, the second meeting of the Strategic Council of Future Finance Poland took place. During the meeting, the council discussed past actions, achievements, and events, and developed plans for upcoming activities.

More than 50 private and public entities are now involved in the Future Finance Poland initiative. In recent months, there have been various actions taken regarding regulatory dialogue at both the FFP specialization level and the FFP Regulatory Competitiveness Council. The issues addressed revolved around significant events and challenges in the financial sector in Poland.

The council also discussed the work on creating the Regulatory Dialogue Council, communication plans, and recent events such as FFP’s joining the World Alliance of International Financial Centers, organizing the Business Forum in London, and the 33rd EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum. Additionally, there was a discussion about the upcoming Warsaw Finance Week (November 17-20, 2024).

We thank all council participants for the in-depth and interesting discussion, exchange of experiences, and inspiration. See you at the next meetings.

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