Exploring Poland’s Financial Innovation Landscape: A Gateway to Investment Opportunities

We are pleased to announce that Future Finance Poland successfully organized a conference in London for the second time. The event played an important role in promoting Poland, the Polish financial sector in the United Kingdom and provided a robust platform for exchanging opinions and experiences.

The meeting, which we co-organized with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, ff Venture Capital and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego was a unique opportunity to get familiar with one of the most promising markets for financial innovations.

On this occasion, we highlighted Poland’s opportunities and the many reasons we can be proud of our country. During the event, Polish companies had the opportunity to showcase their innovations and development. This allowed for a practical demonstration of how solutions from our country can support and be an essential part of the global economy.

Many thanks to all attendees for their interest, questions and discussions.

Special thanks to the host, the Polish Embassy in London, for allowing us to hold this crucial meeting at their venue.

See you at the next meetings! 

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