Inaugural meeting of the FinCrime specialization 

At the headquarters of NatWest Group Poland, on Thursday, April 25th, this year, the inaugural meeting of the FinCrime specialization took place as part of the Future Finance Poland initiative. Participants discussed various topics related to technologies and strategies enabling effective action in financial crime.

The exchange of experiences and discussion initiated by the participants covered such issues as building Poland’s competitiveness on the international stage in the context of FinCrime, seeking solutions to create a comprehensive action model despite the multitude of legal norms, problems and limitations regarding the exchange of data and information between institutions, and detailed mapping of issues to facilitate response (e.g. to unexpected global occurrences) within the purview of FinCrime.

At the inaugural meeting, over 50 representatives from financial sector institutions participated, including banking, public administration, fintech, and leading technology and financial companies. Thank you for your interest and such a large turnout. The next planned meeting is already scheduled for June.

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