Roundtable: Warsaw on the European Map of Financial Centers

On Monday, 26th of April an exceptional event took place at the iconic Rotunda PKO BP, hosting a roundtable discussion on “Warsaw on the European Map of Financial Centers: How to Compete and Cooperate Effectively with Other Centers, Strengthening the EU’s Strategic Autonomy in Finance.”

This exceptional gathering, organized jointly with Prof. Marek Belka MEP, brought together prominent figures including Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Affairs (Ministerstwo Cyfryzacji), Krzysztof Gawkowski, as well as the President of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority – Dr hab. Jacek Jastrzebski, prof. UW, Szymon Midera, the CEO of PKO Bank Polski and the CEOs of other major banks, fintech companies, and tech firms.

The discussion was rich with insights on the future of the Polish financial center. Notable participants included leaders from Accenture (Karol Mazurek), Alior Bank SA (Grzegorz Olszewski), Allegro (@Jakub Kachlicki), BLIK (Krzysztof Maciejewski), BNP Paribas (Przemek Gdanski (he/him), Fenige (Marcin Chrusciel, Fundacja Polska Bezgotówkowa (Joanna Erdman), the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) (Tomasz Bardziłowski), ING (Brunon Bartkiewicz), Kontomatik (Michal Lukasik), Mastercard (Marta Zycinska, MBA), Ministerstwo Funduszy i Polityki Regionalnej (Konrad Wojnarowski), Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) (Monika Grzelak), Bank Pekao S.A. (Leszek Skiba), Rzecznik Finansowy (Ziemowit Bagłajewski), Grow with Warsaw (Karolina Zdrodowska), Visa (Adrian Kurowski), and Związek Banków Polskich (Agnieszka Wachnicka).

It was an honor to facilitate such an important dialogue aimed at advancing the position of Warsaw within the European financial landscape. Special thanks to all the participants for their valuable contributions. Let’s continue to work together to strengthen the autonomy and competitiveness of the EU in the realm of finance.

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