Kick off the Regulatory Competitiveness Council

On Monday, we marked a significant milestone with the inaugural meeting of the Regulatory Competitiveness Council, operating under the auspices of Future Finance Poland. Ultimately, this body will serve as an advisory organ responsible for providing substantive support to dialogue on regulations and their evolution, aimed at ensuring the competitiveness of the Polish financial sector and bolstering its position internationally as an attractive destination for financial service firms and related professional services.

Comprising representatives from Future Finance Poland’s strategic partners, top market experts representing leading law firms in the financial market, academic representatives, as well as members of chambers of commerce representing market participants, the Council is poised to drive impactful initiatives.

The Council’s actions will include identifying and analyzing regulatory barriers, conducting international benchmarking, initiating dialogues for change, formulating and publishing the Council’s positions on specific regulations, and supervisory stances, and preparing analyses of the competitive advantages of Polish regulations to promote progressive and attractive national regulations on international platforms.

We are proud to have so many distinguished experts and top law firms join us on this journey. Together, we are committed to advancing the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Polish financial regulatory landscape

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