Warsaw School of Economics partner Future Finance Poland

We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between SGH Warsaw School of Economics and the Future Finance Poland Foundation towards building a new-generation financial center in Poland. The agreement was signed by Rector Piotr Wachowiak, Ph.D., on behalf of SGH, and by Pawel Widawski, President of the Future Finance Poland Foundation.

Our ambitious project spans various domains, including education, research, and the leveraging of human resources – from young talents to top-tier professionals. The involvement of leading Polish higher education institutions in the Future Finance Poland initiative is pivotal for its success across multiple dimensions.

The idea of this project is to strengthen Poland as a major next-generation financial center; to create a place where it is worth investing, to locate financial institutions with new technologies, such as fintech entities,” says the head of the FINTECH Digital Finance Department, Dr. Lech Kurklinski, Prof. of SGH, who is substantively responsible for the project on the side of SGH.

In Poland, we have financial supervision that sees new challenges, adequate technical infrastructure, including telecommunications, and a society that is open to technological innovation in the financial sphere – the Polish banking system, for example, is one of the best-rated in this area in the world, Professor Kurklinski argues. And he explains that the increased rivalry between various financial centers is partly due to the effects of Brexit, when the City of London began to lose its importance and some institutions began to move out of the British capital. However, new technologies themselves are also triggering this opening, creating the emergence of new players and leading to fundamental systemic and institutional changes.

This partnership opens doors to unique expertise and the opportunity to conduct scientific research that supports the development of the Polish financial sector and enhances its innovation.

The initiative is holistic in various areas, including education and research, as well as the use of human resources, both young talent and high-level professionals.

Pawel Widawski comments:

The financial center must continuously be nourished by world-class talents, necessitating that educational programs are consistently tailored to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving and innovation-driven financial sector.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the evolution of Poland’s financial landscape, promising to cultivate an ecosystem ripe with innovation and expertise.

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